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Why Should You Plant Trees In Your Backyard?

by Rosy
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Trees are an important part of any residential landscape, contributing to the architecture, beauty, and ecology of well-designed backyard spaces. There are many advantages to planting trees in your backyard, whether you choose deciduous trees with dramatic seasonal foliage or sturdy evergreen trees which provide shade all year around.

  • Energy Savings

Planting trees along the hottest sides of your house can minimise the amount of solar benefit your home gets during the summer months, lowering interior temperatures and reducing the need for air conditioning. Trees also cool the air around them by releasing moisture into it through a mechanism known as evaporation.

Tree canopy can provide a windbreak and minimise draughts in cooler climates. Deciduous trees are suitable for climates with hot summers and cold winters because they lose their leaves in the winter, allowing optimum sun exposure to heat your home.

  • Green View

Choosing the right tree species can help with backyard privacy and screening of neighbouring properties. It includes both noise mitigation and visual screening.

  • Colours that Catch the Eye

Several people opt for annuals to attach showy hues to their yard rather than trees when they want to add a bit of colour to their outdoor area. 

Autumn foliage comes in various colours, including fiery oranges, deep reds, and golden yellows.

  • Outdoor Gathering Spaces

The canopy of a tree will provide a natural extension of living space in your backyard. Shade provided by trees will minimise the cost of irrigation by reducing evaporation rates in surrounding plants and soil and making it more comfortable to sit outside during hot summer days. The right shade tree can transform even the tiniest of outdoor spaces. 

To prevent foundation damage, search for trees that aren’t known to have violent roots when planting in a small planting area or backyard.

  • Edible Options

Nothing beats a slice of fruit straight from the tree, according to local food advocates. Plant a crop-producing tree in your yard for a taste of the farm. Citrus trees are common among home gardeners because they produce a lot of fruit and have attractive foliage. Because of the variety of varieties available, a persimmon tree can be a good option for most American climates and soil types.

  • Habitat of Wildlife

Several greenbelts and nature reserves have been developed to drive toward more environmentally sustainable urban areas. By providing habitat for birds, insects, and squirrels, planting a tree in your backyard will contribute significantly to the local ecosystem. Bees and other pollinators are attracted to trees that grow flowery blooms.

  • Impact on the Environment

Trees play an important role in other ecological roles, such as carbon sequestration and increasing biodiversity. Trees consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen via the mechanism of photosynthesis. 

The impacts of climate change are believed to be exacerbated by high carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Planting trees may help to offset a few of the CO2 emitted in a given region. Trees also help to reduce the urban heat island impact. 

Hot temperatures appear to be made much more severe in urban areas with a high proportion of exposed paved areas and buildings due to the lack of a robust tree canopy. Trees render urban areas more livable and less vulnerable to extreme temperatures by casting shade and releasing water by evapotranspiration.

  • Greater Property Values

Aside from saving money on heating and cooling, trees have the added benefit of growing the value of your home. Multiple studies have shown that trees can increase property values by up to 15%. The shade, air quality changes, and general character that mature trees provide to a property attract real estate buyers.


There are numerous environmental, economic, and aesthetic advantages to planting trees in your backyard. Buy trees online, and you can make the world a more comfortable place. When choosing the right tree for your backyard, keep things like sun exposure, climate and soils always in mind.

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