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Tips For Contact Lens Wearers At Every Age

by Rosy

Contact lenses are convenient objects in this modern world. Contact lens users who use the pair of lenses find it extremely exciting. Although it might take some time for the lens wearer to adjust with the lens as time passes, contact lenses can be used everywhere. Contact lenses can come in different materials and shapes. They can be of different strengths.

However, contact lenses should be dealt with very carefully. Our eyes are precious, and using high-tech medical devices like contact lenses needs specific tips.

Here are some tips which can be helpful for lean wearers of every age.

  1. The Time Period For Wearing Contact Lens

A contact lens wearer should replace the lens as often as suggested by the doctor.

If the person uses a disposable pair of contact lenses, the pair should be thrown away after use. This can prevent eye infections.

  1. How To Handle Contact Lens

The hands of the contact lens wearer must remain clean before touching the contact lens. Once the hands are washed, you must dry them properly before touching the lens so that the lens does not stick to the hands.

  1. How A Contact Lens Wearer Put Contact Lens In The Eye

It is advisable to always start with the same eye while putting in the lens. This can help the lens wearer as confusion between left and right lenses are avoided. It is advisable to put the lens directly on the iris of the eye. After putting in the lens, the lids should be gently released, and the lens wearer can blink and adjust accordingly.

  1. Removing The Lens

 The hands should be washed and dried before removing the lens from the eyes. The lens wearer should use the thumb and the index finger for this purpose. The lens can be pinched and lifted out of the eyes.

  1. Cleaning And Storing Of The Lens

 A multipurpose solution can be used to clean, disinfect and rinse the lens before storing them. Specific “No-rub “ solutions require no rubbing of the lenses. You must keep the lens along with hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Water Should Not Be Used

Even if the solutions get exhausted, a lens wearer should not use water to clean the lens. Microbes which are present in the water can result in some severe eye infection.

  1. Handling Of Case

 A lens wearer should also clean the case in which lenses are stored. It would help if you also rinsed it thoroughly. After rinsing the case, the case should be dried and wiped with a tissue.

  1. How Contact Lens Wearer Should Use The Lens In Sports

Contact lens users can use the lens in sports. These lenses do not move and remain fixed in their position. However, while swimming, it is advisable not to wear contact lenses, leading to an eye infection.


Contact lens wearers need to visit a doctor. An optometrist can prescribe the most suitable contact lenses for the contact lens user.

Therefore, even if a contact lens wearer buys contact lenses online, the person should always consult a doctor first. 


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