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Tiny House Movement and Some Ideas to Reinstate It

by Rosy
tiny houses

The small house or tiny house movement advocates dwelling in tiny houses. This social and architectural-centric movement initiated the simple living culture and tried to bring back ancient times municipal planning. As per the 2018 International Residential Code, tiny houses refers to a dwelling unit that encircles a maximum of 400sqft of carpet area eliminating the attic space. 

Here are 4 unique small house ideas that will indeed move you to live slightly and straightforward.

  • One Wall Home

The title might sound absurd, but it is practically possible. The one wall home is a house that looks like a single wall from the viewer’s point. This magical space is designed to be a semi-detached lookalike apartment. The white wall keeps the inside activities secret, and the back opening of the house leads to the beautiful garden space. 

This house design is perfect as it allows proper ventilation and lighting without risking the dweller’s privacy. Smart design! 

Tips to succeed 

  • To keep the interior spacious, avoid building partitions for the kitchen area, dining, living room, and laundry room.  
  • Always keep the location’s weather conditions in mind before designing the house.
  • Use a composite structure foundation to save money and time as well.
  • Arched Cabin Homes

The charm of this idea is that it is an affordable DIY project. The simple curved roof extended all down to the ground and gave the house a beautiful arched outlook. However, you need to outsource the kit used for building this kind of cabin. 

Simply put all the things together and decorate your place with matching home accessories. Plant some trees for shade and beautify the surrounding.

  • 3 in 1 home design

Most of the tiny houses include a living room and a conventional bedroom. To renovate this kind of dwelling into a separate bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, all you need is proper planning and expert guidance. 

To start with, discard all the partition walls and begin with the box bedroom concept. Add some shelves, and you will have a spatial layout. You can use curtains to divide spaces like dressing areas, working spaces, and more. The L-shaped layout offers space for dining or work station.

  • Granny Flats or Pods

This kind of architectural piece is also called granny pods, as the main reason behind this idea was to offer older adults the chance to live with their family and still live independently. These tiny homes have a high market value as they are cozy and a great place to spend time with your romantic interest.

Many people are renting out these places for earning some extra bucks and using the extra space. 


The reason behind the tiny houses was to reconsider the environmental and social impacts. Tiny homes are a good shelter base for homeless people as they are easy to maintain and are affordable to put in. However, if you want to build a vacation home for your family, downsizing will be the best thing to start with.

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