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5 Things to consider before purchasing a new sunglass

by Rosy

People often refer to sunglasses as ‘shades’. Some people also refer to it as ‘sunnies’. Are you looking for a new pair of shades? An ideal pair of shades not only make you look attractive or elegant but are mainly used to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun or any source of bright and vibrant lights. 

The individuals who wear spectacles can also go for sunnies with powers. People must choose sunglasses that are comfortable to wear, scratch-resistant, durable, and lastly, they must match the current trend. There are also few things that people should look into before purchasing a perfect and suitable sunglass. 

Five things to consider before an individual purchase a new sunglass

  • Protection from the sun’s UV rays – Few brands use a numbering scheme for the glasses that range from 0 to 4. The 0 implies that the transmittance of light is about 80 to 100 percent. On the other hand, few glasses belong to categories 2 and 3 which signify that the lens can filter up to 82 percent of sunlight and provide adequate UV rays protection. Whereas category 4 comprises dark glasses, and also it can be dangerous to drive with. So, based on this feature sunnies must be chosen wisely.


  • Shape and fittings – Shades come in different shapes ranging from square to round, rectangular, cat-eyed, and in many more shapes. Make sure the sunnies have the perfect fit. You must select the ideal frame size that perfectly fits your face. Usually, the frame size ranges from small to medium, and then to large. Small and medium designs have a much more complete look. If you prefer, then oversized sunnies are also a fantastic choice. 


  • Compare between Polarized and Non-polarized shades – People must wear shades while going out in the sun. The fact is that polarized shades feature unique filtration which breaks out brightness from highly reflecting surfaces. But, polarized glass is not suitable while using mobile phones or working in front of LCD screens. They might even distort vehicles’ vision in light-reduced situations.


  • Quality – The quality of any single product is considered to be a crucial factor. So, while purchasing a shade people must check its quality. A good pair of glasses will protect for a significant duration. A stylish and durable shade is always the best combination.


  • Colors and patterns – Simple black sunglasses have always been in style, but you can also experiment with all the colors and patterns. Nowadays, shades are available in various vivid and vibrant shades. Individuals can choose a trendy pair of vibrant shades that matches their personality.

The Bottom Line 

All the above-mentioned factors must be kept in mind before buying a sunglass. If you rely on these factors, then you can easily get a sunglass that will last for years, that too, in a pretty good condition. People can refer to the best sunglass brands for a perfect match. 

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