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Investing Advice for Doctors: Avoid these Huge Mistakes!

by Rosy

Physicians and medical professionals are at a higher risk than those in other professions. Doctors make decisions daily subject to their assets, liability. Controlling this risk is the key to preserving what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Doctors and other medical professionals who do not have a strong asset protection strategy leave their assets unprotected to plaintiffs’ attorneys and excessive taxes.

If talks about finances, doctors and other healthcare professionals who don’t have a defined asset protection strategy put their entire portfolio in danger if they are sued. However, there are four major investment blunders that doctors should avoid.

  • Avoid holding Investments in Your Own Name.

Investing for doctors is must protect their money and assets from personal creditors as they grow money, pay down debts, and diversify their portfolios. Any account held in your name would be instantly liable to an attachment if a lawsuit ends in a judgment being issued against you. The fastest way to collect on a judgment is to garnish the debtor’s savings, checking, or investment accounts.

  • The Significance of Protecting Charging Orders

As a doctor, you must protect your investments irrespective of how you invest. Holding your investments in a  limited liability company is one method to add that extra degree of security. A limited liability company (LLC) formed in either of these jurisdictions offers substantial liability protection against personal liability claims. The rationale for this is that these states give LLCs protection from “charging orders.

In layman’s terms, “charge order” provisions prevent creditors from seizing assets held within an LLC, as well as the LLC itself, in the case of a judgment against you. As a result, a creditor would be unable to seize your LLC’s assets or take control of it. Thus, holding your investments in a LLC reduces the chances of a prospective recovery, which reduces the possibility of a lawsuit.

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It is one of the key investment blunders that no doctor or medical practitioner should make. It could jeopardize everything you’ve fought so hard to achieve. MarketSpace Capital employs a proprietary data-driven, automated, and conservative investment method for doctors. If you’re a doctor, you’ve put in a lot of time and effort to establish your job and economic situation. So why wait for a lawsuit to come along and sweep everything clean? 

  •  Mistakes in Personal and Professional Divorce 

It is costly to start over. Nothing a doctor can do will have the same financial impact as a divorce. It’s not uncommon for a doctor to lose his home, a significant portion of his assets, and his potential earnings (to alimony and child support). It isn’t easy to get back on your feet after that. The proverb “One House, One Spouse” still holds. 

You can defend yourself in several ways. You can avoid marriage altogether, have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement (particularly if you’re marrying for the second time or marrying after gaining major assets or establishing a job), and live your life to prioritize your marriage connection. A doctor is also a viable option for marriage. 


Thus, from the above discussion, it can conclude that if doctors consider all the above points at the right time, they can invest in a better way and generate better returns.