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How to clean and maintain your sunglasses effectively?

by Rosy

Sunglasses are typically used to protect our eyes from harmful dust particles, UV rays of the sun, and also any kind of bright white light. As it is a very useful thing in our day-to-day lives, we must use and handle it carefully. 

It must be cleaned daily as it helps us to see everything around us. Although no such extensive care is required, if you use it with care and clean it, then it will last longer. There are several ways to keep your sunglasses clean and maintain them.

The technique of cleaning and maintaining shades

The various ways to clean and maintain your sunglasses effectively are as follows:

  • Apply a lens cleaner to clean the glasses – Take a cotton ball, apply some lens cleaning solution, and gently clean the glasses. Don’t apply too much pressure on it, or else it will break. 
  • Cleaners that are damaging should be avoided – One should not wipe their eyeglasses with cleaning alcohol, vinegar, or any such home cleaning products. Also, don’t clean your sunglasses upon breathing on the glasses. It is not the right thing to clean your glasses. Only use a microfiber towel manufactured specifically for cleaning eyeglasses. If the cloth becomes stained, you could also wash it or replace it.
  • Prevent the shades from getting scratches – Eyeglasses are much more scratch-resistant than polycarbonate lenses. However, be it a glass element or a polycarbonate element, you must always keep your sunglasses protected in a cover. Avoid tossing eyeglasses into your bag or in any other places to prevent them from obtaining scratches. 
  • Remove any smudges off your eyewear – Eyeglasses collect oils from our face, flecks of filth and filth from the natural surroundings, and many other things. So, we should clean those oils and smudges to keep them in good condition. You can simply clean it with your clean and bare hands. Or, if your hands are not clean enough, then wash and dry your hands. Then gently clean the eyewear. 
  • Polarized eyewear requires special care – Polarized sunglasses also require the same care as any other pair of glasses, but experts claim that relatively high-quality glasses incorporate the mirror within the glass, whereas lower-cost glasses may sprinkle on the mirror.
  • Avoid keeping your sunglasses here and there – Always make it a habit of keeping your sunglasses inside its case or cover after you are done using them. If you keep it here and there, you may lose it. Or simply, you can invest in a neck string if you travel a lot. 

The Bottom Line

Everything with proper care and maintenance lasts for a long time, and so do the sunglasses. Always remember to clean your shades or eyewear carefully as it helps extend their life and also guarantees that the glasses serve their intended job of ensuring a clean and clear vision.  


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