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Advantages of Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

by Rosy

Flooring is one of the most significant expenses when building a space from scratch or renovating. This is due to its sheer mass, and saving even a tiny percentage of money on it can make a huge difference. As a result, luxury vinyl flooring is increasingly being adopted by users for tiling and flooring purposes. It primarily roots from the fact that it can replicate the look of hardwood and stone floorings but is much more cost-effective. Here we will discuss five advantages of installing luxury vinyl flooring.


As already mentioned, luxury vinyl tiling (LVT) is a pocket-friendly option for flooring. Although its prices can range depending upon the flooring thickness, it still offers a wide array of price points to choose from. Individuals who require higher quality ones based on the space can opt for thicker LVT and vice versa.


Flooring is a foundational element of any space, and its durability is of the utmost importance to save costs in the future and ensure no inconvenience surrounding it. Since LVT is used for varied spaces, it withstands a range of environments and surroundings. Such as- 

  • Exposure to moisture 
  • High-pressure commercial environments 
  • Exposure to flames 
  • Excess traffic 

The list of environments and surroundings LVT can endure goes on.  This makes it fit for a plethora of uses and audiences looking for flooring. Additionally, it lives up to the green standards for commercial purposes, which reinforces its resistance and sustainability. 

An Innovative Alternative

As LVT technology progresses, it has become more and more difficult for people to distinguish between hardwood/tile flooring and vinyl flooring. This makes it an excellent alternative to achieve the look and quality of hardwood and tile flooring. Furthermore, there is a range of designs to choose from under LVT. From checkers to mosaics, all bases are covered. Thus, making it an innovative alternative where aesthetic values do not have to be compromised due to price. 

Low Maintenance 

As mentioned previously, luxury vinyl tiling is durable. This inadvertently suggests that it is low maintenance and can be treated slightly roughly. While it might get damaged due to excessive rough usage and tamper, it can survive stains, scratches, scuffs, chemical cleaners, etc. Therefore, increasing its longevity by up to 25-30 years.

Easy Installation and Replacement 

LVT is easy to install and replace. It comes in stick or clicks down options, making it extremely convenient for users to install it compared to hardwood and ceramic tiling. Due to this very mechanism, the replacement of this tiling is simple as well. No matter which part of the flooring is damaged, it does not call for a complete replacement. One can easily replace a specific tile and install it again, hassle-free. 

Bottom Line

Looking at the points mentioned above, it is evident that the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring are numerous. It is cost-effective, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, as well as durable. These advantages make it very clear that it is the best way to proceed when thinking of flooring. 


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